LASU Matriculation: I feel like the president of a country, Says 44-years-old matriculant

High Chief Chuka Christian Mekaowulu, the Chief Security Officer, (CSO), of the Association of Progressive Traders (APT) in the Trade Fair complex, Lagos.

The matriculation ceremony of the Lagos State University (LASU) for part-time students for the 2023 /2024 academic session held on the 5th of April, 2024 was marked by excitement, glamour, and funfair, with more than 500 students formally gaining admission into the university.
While the matriculants were in high spirits celebrating the milestone achievement, one of them drew unusual attention from guests.
He is High Chief Chuka Christian Mekaowulu, the Chief Security Officer, (CSO), of the Association of Progressive Traders (APT) in the Trade Fair complex, Lagos.

“I feel like the President of a country.
This day is remarkable in my life. I look forward to becoming a graduate. I am now an undergraduate; money is not everything. Education is really important”, remarked High Chief Mekaowulu wearing a matriculation gown as he celebrated with fellow students who were mostly much younger.

“I entered university at the age of 44 years. It is a very good and nice decision that I made. I decided on this a very long time ago. So I went and took WAEC. Seeing myself among younger ones is a great experience for me. This life is indeed full of joy. As we celebrated the moment, I told them I had made it as if I had already gotten the degree certificate. But that’s to show how joyful I am that I can make it to the university”, he said.

The very influential CSO noted that even his family members didn’t believe he meant that he would be going back to the university, until at the Matriculation venue.
According to him, “My people were surprised the day that we went to LASU for the Matriculation ceremony. When we went there, they told us to get our WAEC scratch card, when I scratched mine and inserted the pin, my name and picture came out, and I was considered eligible. I Knew a day like this would come, that’s why I took WAEC a long time ago”.
High Chief Mekaowulu who gained admission to study Political Science vowed that as soon as he finished his BSC, he would proceed to do his Masters and then Doctorate Degree.

He said his choice of Political Science is to have in-depth knowledge about politics, which has always been his lifelong choice of career to be able to impact humanity better and fulfill his destiny.
“With the right education, I will be able to achieve my goal and destiny in life, especially in politics.
“From day one, I have been in leadership positions. For instance, in our Old Boys association, I am the Chairman. After my tenure expired, they said I should continue. I led the association for 1st tenure and 2nd tenure. This is my 3rd tenure. It is not because I am too sharp, but the grace of God has been sufficient for me. So, I am always grateful to God
” I worked as a tax force officer in the market before I won the election as the PRO. After that, I was appointed as CSO. This is to show that from the onset, I am born to lead. That’s why I chose Political Science to know more about politics. I can be an ambassador tomorrow with Political Science”.
“After I graduate, I will further my education to do my Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. All I ask God is good health. With the structures I have put in place, I think I have money now. That’s why I am asking God for good health and I believe God will give me long life to accomplish my goals.”
High Chief Mekaowulu advised others who are rich but without education to consider going back to school as with proper education they would be qualified to take bigger positions that require educational qualifications.
“My advice is that schooling has no age bracket. Like now, I have friends in government, what if they want to recommend me for an appointment and they say don’t have a certificate? That would be devastating and I don’t want it. That’s why it is necessary to equip yourself with the right education and experience. I urge them to forget about their wealth and go back to school. In four years, they will come out with flying colors as a university graduate.

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