Irede Foundation sets to hold 2024 advocacy walk on inclusion

THE Irede Foundation’ 2024 ‘Out On A Limb (OOAL) Advocacy Walk’ is set to take place on Saturday, April 13th, bringing together a global community of individuals dedicated to empowering and including persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the society.

With 60 locations participating worldwide, this year’s event aims to celebrate every step taken towards building a more inclusive world.

Under the theme: “Celebrating Every Step,” OOAL harnesses the power of people to create engagement, mobilize communities, and inspire action.

By joining hands and raising their voices, 6,000 participants will walk together, highlighting the challenges faced by People Living with Disabilities, PWDs, and emphasizing the collective responsibility to foster a society that embraces diversity.

The event aims to raise national and global consciousness about disability inclusion, promoting positive attitudes and behaviors towards people with disabilities.

Furthermore, OOAL advocates for inclusive access to quality education, ensuring that learners with disabilities have equal opportunities for lifelong learning.

In addition to education, the OOAL Advocacy Walk also focuses on bridging the employability gap for individuals with disabilities.

By fostering a positive attitude and behaviour towards PWDs, the event aims to create a more inclusive workforce and promote economic empowerment for this community.

The OOAL Advocacy Walk is not only a platform for raising awareness but also an opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

“This year’s event specifically targets children and youths with disabilities, as well as the broader community of persons with disabilities.”

Join us on April 13th as we take a decisive step towards a more inclusive society.

“Together, we can empower and include persons with disabilities, celebrating every step towards a brighter future.”

The IREDE Foundation (TIF) is an NGO focused on encouraging children living with limb loss (either acquired or congenital) to live a life of fulfillment.

The foundation commonly known as TIF, was established in Nigeria in 2012 to inspire action so that child amputees, their families and caregivers can live independent and limitless lives; through provision of prosthetic limbs to child amputees from ages 0-18, disability advocacy, support groups for caregivers, and skills development trainings for PWDs.

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