FESTAC residents celebrate Sallah as High Chief Mekaowulu advocates love, coexistence

It has been an atmosphere for the promotion of mutual love and cordial relationship for the peace and unity of the country,as Muslims in FESTAC Town Lagos celebrate Sallah together with their fellow Nigerians from other religions and diverse ethnicity.

One of the celebrants,  High Chief  Chuka  Mekaowulu, the Chief Security Officer, (CSO) ,Association of Progressive Traders (APT) in the  Trade Fair complex, called on all Nigerians to accept and tolerate other people’s religions for the sake of peace,unity and progress of the country.

 High Chief Mekaowulu who said he had for years been a part of Sallah Celebrations within FESTAC area, emphasised  that there should not be religious intolerance in Nigeria since the major religions in the country worship the same Almighty God.

“Today, I have  a bigger party with them (Muslims); I do it every time. During the Big Sallah celebrations, we killed Rams and usually celebrated together. I had been with them. I do not discriminate against anybody. Muslims and Christians including worshippers in Cele and Cherubim churches , all follow the same God, and that’s the Almighty God. Even pagans worship the same God”.

Mekaowulu insisted that the celebration of this year’s Sallah has presented another ample opportunity  for all Nigerians to renew and re-dedicate themselves to loving their fellow country men and women regardless of religion and ethnic affiliations.

“I am telling my fellow Muslim friends and indeed Nigerians in general to always focus on peace. That is the most important thing. If you love your your neighbour as you love yourself, you won’t plan to hurt him or her. Likewise Nigerians, I wish everybody peace and love so that Nigeria will move forward”.

The CSO expressed optimism that the nation will soon bounce back and regain her prestigious position,but it starts from citizens embracing mutual love and peaceful coexistence.

“In Asia ,there was a time they had serious problems, even more than what we have in Nigeria today. I know we are having issues,but with time everything will normalize, Nigerian will surely bounce back and become the powerful and peaceful nation that it used to be”.

He added that the party to celebrate Sallah was opened to all Nigerians of goodwill, adding that such should be replicated in other parts of the country as a way of building and sustaining national peace

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