BBTitans: kanaga Jnr, Partner Escape Eviction

Kanaga Jnr, whose nomination for eviction by his supposed girlfriend in the house, Tsatsii from South Africa, sparked reactions, did not go home after all.

Rather, it was Marvin and his partner Yaya that were evicted from the Big Brother’s House during Sunday’s Live Eviction show. They are the fourth evicted pair of the season.

Despite winning the Flutterwave task, the two were not saved from eviction.

The pair were evicted on the fifth Sunday after spending a total of 36 days – five weeks in the house.

Reacting to the disappointing news delivered by co-host Lawrence, Yaya said, “I am disappointed; I feel like I could have had a good run.”

Marvin responded by saying, “We had a connection. We got attracted to each other. She’s so easy to talk to. She’s God-sent.”

Before the pair walked off the stage, Marvin took the time to address his feud with Kanaga Jnr.

He revealed that he was not upset that Kanaga didn’t use his veto power privilege to save him. However, Marvin added that he was disappointed because he thought they had a connection.

In his words, “Kanaga and I had formed a connection. It was not about him putting me up, it was how early it was. For him to put me up that early?”

With Marvin and Yaya out, there are now 16 housemates left in the ongoing ‘BBTitans’ show.

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