……To Start French Certificate Programmes In Nigeria


TV5Monde Afrique, a French Tv channel will be celebrating 30years of championing French language and cultural exchange in Africa.

The Director of Maison TV5Monde Lagos, Mr. Éric Koufedji who disclosed this at a news briefing stated that the 30th anniversary celebration would kick off on Friday, June 17th 2022 at the Française de Lagos ,Mike Adenuga Centre, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.

TV5Monde, in addition to promoting French-speaking and French language, also offers multilateral, international, reliable and verified information throughout the world.

Funded by France, Switzerland, Canada, Quebec and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the channel subtitles its programmes in 13 languages namely German, English, Arabic, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

Others are Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Vietnamese and French.

In his address during the news conference held at the Art Department, University of Lagos (UNILAG) on Wednesday, 8th June, 2022, Mr. Koufedji, announced that the tv channel would soon start combining indigenous Nigerian languages like Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa, for proper integration.

On the 30th anniversary celebration,he said the important event would feature activities including entertainment, cultural displays , karaoke, film projection, debate, reading and drawing competitions as well as quiz competition among selected schools in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Enugu, aimed at creating more awareness on the importance of French language.

Mr Koufedji while explaining the benefits of TV5Monde to Nigerian viewers,stated that in 30years of its establishment, it has helped Nigerians gain excellence in French language and culture.

The journalist who is a specialist in French language noted that the ultimate aim of the TV channel was to make Nigeria a major observer in French affairs, adding that plans were being concluded for the media organisation to start awarding French education certificates ,believing it would among several benefits help to strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and France.

Mr. Koufedji strongly hoped that the support and promotion of French education by the authorities in Nigeria would enable the country significantly address rising unemployment and fight poverty among the Nigerian populace.

He pointed out that increased and compulsory study of French language in Nigeria would also enhance the relations between Nigeria and Francophones countries for accelerated economic growth ,adding that the African giant needed to domesticate French Language to live better at peace with its neighbouring nations which are mostly French Speaking.

According to him, “Most English speaking nations need to make French language compulsory for students not elective, there is need for the certification of French language in Nigeria, apart from those who study European/Linguistics in tertiary institutions.

“Nigerian is surrounded by French speaking countries of Cameroon, Niger, Chad and Benin. France is always happy about people learning French and we are always willing to try to help in the school and in the French Institute.

“There are a lot of places across Nigeria where people can learn French language and I hope this event we will have more demand for the language by children and adults,” he stated.

Mr. Koufedji urged Nigerian students desiring to study abroad to consider going to France and its affiliate nations ,explaining that,

‘’It is very important we support French language because this is the first time we are having this kind of celebration in Nigeria. It will help create awareness and improve the knowledge of French language in Nigeria.

“Language barrier is the problem, if Nigerian youths can be French literate, they will secure gainful employments. This is our own way of encouraging French language in Nigeria and opening doors for our youths to meet with the outside world,” he said.

He added that Nigerian government could make French more attractive to teachers and students by promoting the language.

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