Casual Worker Losses Hand While Operating Industrial Machine

Kalilu Now and Then

A once promising young man has been thrown into a state of dilemma, misery and hopelessness, after an industrial machine he was operating cut off his right hand.

The youngman named Kalilu Fofonou, who said he is from Republic of Mali was working as a casual worker in an Indian Firm in Lagos, South West Nigeria, when the unfortunate incident happened at a time he was 28 years old.

He has appealed to Nigerian governments and well meaning individuals in the country to assist him get justice from the Indian Firm, even if it means helping him get an artificial hand and cash to start life, so as not become a burden to his poor family.

Kalilu who had reported the matter to an NGO in Lagos known as Centre for the Defence of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, wants his former employer to among other demands compensate him for the permanent disability.

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