SA To Delta State Governor Receives Hot Slapped From Customs Officer

Power they say intoxicates and uniform intimates. That is the submission of online users reacting to the trending video of a customs officer slapping the Special Assistant to Delta State, Governor during an altercation between the duo.

The big statured SA identified as Samson Nwachukwu watched helplessly as the officer slapped him, while threatening to also flog him. The cause of their quarrel was not clearly defined ; but some of the respondents alleged it was due to the damage of the car belonging to the SA

Condemning the act, a Facebooker Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga wrote,

“You damaged a man’s vehicle and still had the audacity to slap him for protesting. Be careful not to perform lawful duty unlawfully. Most of these overzealous uniformed men exceed the boundary of reason. They are good at harassing unarmed civilians.

No matter the offence of this SA, its wrong for the customs officer to slap him. The man didn’t post any threat to him.using more physical force than necessary is abuse of power”.

Another user ,Anas Yusuf Maji Dadi wrote,

“This SA is very unique, humble and down to earth. Some uniformed men are very rascal and behave semi god..the nincompoop has yo be arrested and posted to Maiduguri/Lake Chad where he will slap the boko haram”.

Adding, Victor Kulungh wrote, “You will be shocked how the officer will be crying and begging when the chips are down”.

Most of the respondents condemned the act ,calling for the arrest and prosecution of the Customs officer, whose identity remained vague.

watch the video below

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