“Come and see.” John 1:39

The phrase “come and see” appears twice in the book of John 1. When two curious disciples of John the Baptist asked Jesus where he was staying, he said come and see.”
Again to Nathaniel’s sceptical reply, Philip said “come and see” vs 46.
Witnessing for Jesus can be a one time event. It may also involve walking along side people who are seeking help, healing and wholeness from Him.

Beloved of God, with kindness and compassion we can lead people to Christ. As we do so we can ask them also to ” come and see” what God has done and can do in their lives.
He has done great and mighty things for you, ask them to come and see.
He has given you salvation, let them see it in your life.
He has blessed you, ask them to “come and see.”
Many more shall He do for you as well in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

Good morning
Have a blessed day/weekend ahead. TGIF 🌹💃🏽

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