NIPOST Underscores Benefits Of Mandatory Training Of Dispatch Riders

Says Booking And Reservation For Training Is Made Via E-Registration

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is optimistic that through the twenty weeks ongoing “mandatory industrial and professional training” of dispatch riders and delivery drivers, the service will build an ecosystem that will be beneficial to investors and business promoters in the long run.

Stating this in a release signed by its
General Manager, Courier Logistics and Regulatory Department, Mr. Gideon Oladotun Shonde, NIPOST expressed confidence that the certification training would help to sanitize the industry of quacks and check alleged nefarious acts traced to some of them, especially the unlicenced ones.

The service highlighted the numerous benefits of the exercise saying that it would help “to profile, secure, rescue and distinguish all our certified dispatch riders and delivery drivers from the quacks and passenger motorcyclist; and to discourage them from engaging in the
on-going nefarious activities and noted crimes amongst some dispatch riders and delivery drivers in the industry.

“To minimize the high mobility rate of employed dispatch riders or delivery drivers with impunity. Arising from the training and in view of the ecosystem, some of the dispatch riders and delivery drivers that are noted for dumping or jumping from one company to another in the industry will be checkmated. Once a riders is relieved of his job for criminal reason, unethical practices or unprofessional conduct, and it is officially reported to the regulators by the concerned investor, employer or the company, that particular dispatch rider or delivery driver will be flashed and be restrained from securing another job as a rider or driver in another Courier and Logistics company or in the industry at large.

“This will helps to secure the lots of our esteemed investor from engaging a criminal as a rider unknowingly or loosing your investment after training such a Dispatch riders or Delivery driver.

” It will help to establish and maintain a POOL OF PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED RIDERS and distinguished them from the PASSENGER RIDERS and QUACKS who portrays the industry in bad light presently. It is an established fact that no local government agency or officials is MANDATED by statutory provisions and extant laws to distrupt a business of “SPEED and TRUST” on any road in Nigeria especially Lagos or Ogun State.

“The training program is aimed at RESCUING the professionally certified DISPATCH RIDERS and DELIVERY DRIVERS from unwarranted harassment or oppression on Lagos or any other road nationwide as at today.
It will assist in TACKLING THE MENACE OF TOUTING AND EXTORTION by criminal elements posing as Local government officials.

” A professionally certified Dispatch RIDERS will earn respect and will no longer suffer disdain from the public or other road user.

“Aside the certificate of attendance, course material, light entertainment and refreshments, a data capturing will be archived for industrial harmony and peace”, explained NIPOST.

The compulsory certification training program for dispatch riders and delivery drivers which is a collaborative effort between NIPOST and Lagos State Government kicked-off on March 11, 2022, and the trainings hold every Friday and Saturday for a period of 20 weeks.

According to NIPOST, booking and reservation to be part of the training is done through “e-registration” by clicking on the link

It further explained that “the registration fee of ten thousand (10k) is NOT limited to just the training programs. It includes other value added services to create an eco-systems for the industry.

“A unified security and DIGITIZED Dispatch RIDERS CARD and STICKERS with both NIPOST and MOT partnership logo and with QR CODE for CLRD statutory efforts in effective monitoring and enforcement activities in the industry. It will enable a one stop shop statutory payment of relevant government agencies fee to enhance ease of doing legitimate business in Lagos State or ogun state.

“CLRD(NIPOST) offers flexibility payment plan for a grant of Courier and Logistics Operating License to willing investors while the training last”, the service added.

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