Mandatory Certification Training Of Dispatch Riders, Constitutional–NIPOST

Adebayo Ismail Adewusi-Post Master General, NIPOST

The Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST, has justified the ongoing capacity building and certification training programme for dispatch riders and delivery drivers operating in Lagos.

Kicking-off yesterday, Friday 11th March, at the Lagos State Drivers’ Institute, Oshodi, the programme which is a collaborative effort between NIPOST and Lagos State Government involves training of 300 batch of the courier and logistics operators every Friday and Saturday for a period of twenty weeks.

NIPOST in a release made available to journalists, justified the programme saying,” Pursuant to Section 61 of Nigerian Postal Service Act Cap N127, LFN 2004, and the Courier and Logistics (Operational) Regulation 2020, the Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department (CLRD), in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation, is mandated to conduct training programs for the industry.

“Consequent upon the above, and in consideration of the current training needs of the industry to equip key personnel with requisite knowledge for effective service delivery, it is expedient for all dispatch riders and delivery drivers to attend this mandatory Industrial Training commencing from 11th March, 2022.

“Booking and Reservation will be based on first come first served, and evidence of payment for the training must be provided at the venue”, NIPOST said.

Speaking at a ceremony heralding the 20 weeks training programme, the Post Master General, NIPOST, Dr. Adebayo Ismail Adewusi revealed that the plan was to replicate the initiative in all the states of the federation and Abuja.

Dr. Adewusi in a message delivered by the Director, Nigerian Postal Institute, Dr. Julius Bolade Anjorin said , “It is a very veritable partnership between NIPOST and Lagos State. We have been working on this for a long time and we want to thank God for making the way today.

“We in the Nigerian Postal Service, our desire is to have a good regulatory environment in the Courier and Logistics industry as well as transport. And what has happened today is to kick-start the training of dispatch riders and drivers to ensure that they comply with the professional and ethical standards of the industry and also that everything that they need to know about road network, signs, what to do, what not to do, they know it. And that is why we are collaborating with Lagos State and Lagos State Drivers Institute.

“We are going to outside Lagos. We are kick-starting from Lagos because majority of operators are in Lagos and as such starting from Lagos is a good way to begin.

“We have already started discussion with Edo State. We are also discussing with Abuja. We are taking it one after the other. After this, we are going to fastract our discussion with other states, so that this Programme can go round the country”, said Adewusi.

While corroborating the stance of Dr. Adewusi, the General Manager, Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department, NIPOST, Mr. Gideon Dotun Shonde stressed that, “The partnership is highly desired. We have been working for it over six months and its necessary because we are both partners in progress. NIPOST represents the Federal Government and 40% of the operators are in Lagos State, so there is need for synergy to bring about ease of doing busines and create conducive atmosphere for both the business and investors. So it is really much desired.

“Like I usually say, training is not a punishment. Some of them had sacrificed the whole day to be here because they have seen the importance of training.

“Most of them actually need training. Most of them are ignorant of it. We are trying to bring it to their knowledge. Let them know the consequences of contravening the federal laws, the states laws and the Local Government laws.

“Courier and logistics business is a business of trust and speed. We intend to do more of sensitization like this, and of course we have those who are licensed already by NIPOST. We are also using their associations to mobilise those who are outside government tax net”, he added.

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