“Comfort, yes comfort my people” Isaiah 40:1

As the nation of Judah waited to be taken into captivity by a foreign power Isaiah 39: 5-7, The despair of it’s people was great but even in that dreadful situation, God’s Words brought comfort, hope and anticipation of His favour. Verse 8 says “the Word of the Lord which you have spoken is good”

Beloved of God, it will seem that the vulnerable ones amongst us have been taken hostage by the strong and powerful.
May we not appear to be powerless and voiceless because we have a Father that cares.
We pray to go back to the Father of the fatherless, husband of the widows for He will yet comfort us.
May you rest upon His Word today and always.
His word is so sweet, so pure, it changes not and it faileth not.
It will be your strength today in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

Have a joyful weekend

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