Marriage Counselor Advises On How To Maintain Peace In Polygamous Homes

Mr. Ike Mbakwo

A marriage and relationship expert, Mr. Ike Mbakwo, has advised men who marry more than one wife to try their best to treat both fairly in order to promote harmony and a more cordial relationship among the women.

Mr. Mbakwo, the Founder Rescue Marriage and Relationship Initiative gave the advice while commenting on the recent case in Ondo State in which a woman allegedly stabbed her co-wife to death out of jealousy that their husband spent more time with the diseased.

According to him, such unfortunate incident can be avoided if only husbands make intentional efforts to be fair in relating with all their wives.

He also urged that every man should be bold enough to keep his family in order, warning that “no one should go into any relationship that he or she cannot handle”.

In his words, “The news story where a woman was reported to have killed another woman who is married to her husband is actually a case that is avoidable.

“Men in our African tradition are allowed to marry more than one wife. At times I intend to imagine what will happen if the table turns that women are allowed to marry more than one husband what do you think the men will be doing to themselves?

“The story we are following is actually very pathetic. The woman who killed the mate did so out of jealousy. There are some people who cannot handle what they have been shared to others in any form and therefore jealousy comes in.

“Some persons cannot even handle the consequences of jealousy in their lives, so they take their actions to the extreme. Does anything worth life? Is there any offense that when we commit and one’s life will be taken to compensate for the offence?

“Marriage is actually a vocation that is not easy to come by. Those who are married to one wife are still finding it difficult to cope how much more a man that has more than one wife. The incident is unfortunate but avoidable if only the man was man enough to attend to the wives equally.

“The lessons there are very vivid; no one should go into any relationship that he or she cannot handled”, Mbakwo added.

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