Players Run For Safety As Snake Invades Field During Match

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A huge snake slithered onto the pitch during a high-profile match between Nueva Concepcion and Municipal in the Guatemala Premier League.

Guatemala is in Central America, bordered by Mexico to the North and West, Belize the Caribbean to the northeast, Honduras to the East, El-Salvador to the Southeast and the Pacific Ocean to the South.

With just eight minutes to the end of the game, the play was stopped when the serpent entered the pitch and positioned itself within the six-yard box of Municipal goal.

Footballers Flee in Terror As Huge Snake Invades Pitch During League Match.

Players took cover as a giant snake invaded the pitch when two teams were playing a league match in Guatemala.

The referee stopped the match in the 82nd minute when he discovered the unwelcome visitor had invaded the pitch.

The bizarre boycott finally ended when a firefighter was able to catch the back of the reptile’s head and took it away.

Riot police came with their shields to try to stop the advance of the snake.

Players of both teams were seen fleeing the pitch in terror as the serpent was moving across the grass towards them.

This got fans in the stands and the match commentator confused about why the players ran away.

But the commentator’s colleague discovered the real reason and shouted: “What’s on the pitch is a snake – Guatemalan football has got about everything!”.

The bizarre boycott finally was over when police officers attempted to kill the snake with riot shields but a firefighter was able to catch back of the reptile’s head and took it away to the cheers of the spectators.

With no player being hurt, the snake was carried off but it is unclear what happened next to it.

The game did eventually resume as Concepcion held on to their 1-0 lead to clinch first league victory of the season.

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