SoTLAN Asks FG To Return Adulterated Fuel

The Society of Testing Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria, SoTLAN, has called on the Federal Government to return the adulterated Petroleum Motor Spirit, PMS, to the producer to protect the integrity of the Country.

The President of the Association, Professor Olugbenga Ogunmoyela made the call at a news briefing in Lagos while reacting to the call for the reblending of the adulterated fuel already in circulation.

Professor Ogunmoyela who expressed dismay that experts within the country were being neglected, said the situation would have been nipped in the bud rather than allow it slip and having to bother on damage control.

The situation he said has caused untold hardship on citizen by way of damage to vehicular engines fuel scarcity and traffic gridlock.

Professor Ogunmoyela described as embarassing that the country had to rely on foreigners to test while there are scientists and professionals practicing locally with high integrity who are respected all over the world.

He explained that the product delivered was reported to appear hazy and dark and was consequently isolated ‘ probably following complaints received after having been released.

According to him, upon analysis, it was confirmed that the PMS product was contaminated with 20% methanol, which is an illegal substance in Nigeria.

Professor Ogunmoyela was also quoted as saying that members of the association are ready to work with government and its agencies in making quality and sustainable PMS possible in the country.

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