Online Users Circulate Poem To Mock Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari

When I heard the news today, my heart skipped. 🙆😪😰

This indicting video drove the final nail.

Oh DCP Abba Kyari…my supercop

A member of a poweful drug cartel as alleged by The NDLEA? 😳

This is unbelievable 😳🙆

This is embarrassingly unfortunate 😥

A tale of one week one trouble!

Self annihilation

Self inflicted injury

Sad for the supercop

If this is truly true, then Evans the kidnapper was a Saint after all!

How you have fallen…

I used to admire the manner you deal with the bad guys

But the cat has been let out of the bag…too late for him to return to the bag.

How the hunter has become the hunted

Would you have believed that man’s wealth does not increase with his honesty?

His village people are really on his case.

His village people worked overnight for his downfall

What an end to a brilliant public officer😪

I honestly didn’t know that it was a case of Police officer in the morning

Tailor in the afternoon

Pharmacist (drug) at night

What a mighty fall of a fearless and courageous iconic crime fighter!

Your career might have finished, but your life definitely hasn’t finished.

Pick up the broken pieces, make peace with your God and move on with your life.

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