Abba Kyari’s NDLEA Arrest, Acting On A Script—Nigerians


Nigerians Yet To Trust Government On Abba Kyari

The latest activities surrounding the suspended “super cop” Abba Kyari in which he has been handed over to the NDLEA over alleged involvement in hard drugs dealings is perceived by some Nigerians as a trick to shield the officer from extradition to United States.

According to Nigerians in series of online posts, they are all acting on a script by higher authorities to protect Abba Kyari.

In one of the posts which was shared on a WhatsApp group of staff members of a federal government agency, a senior worker wrote, ” Abba Kyari was suspended yet he was in charge of a police unit running operations. He even attended a party organised by the IGP investigating him.

“All this badly scripted play just to avoid the FBI invitation. One can easily see through this smokescreen; a shambolic play”.

“Another WhatsApp user shared this also on a group platform. He wrote, “Its a disgrace to the entire nation.

“External pressure I guess is at work taking a very good look at the entire situation. Even after the indictment, the ACP had the confidence in engaging in further atrocity, no doubt this has shown that he belonged to a syndicate desperate at closing ranks at all cost.

“The decision to hand him over to NDLEA na another episode of a new beginning”.

There are many of such posts on the various social media platforms especially whatsApp and Facebook.

Read some of them as grabbed from Facebook.

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