Naval Officer With History Of Raping Babies Gets Extended Jail Term

Former Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer Geoffrey Rooney has gotten an extended jail term for raping babies.

Gatekeepers News reports that Judge David Hatton QC has jailed Rooney for eight years with an extended licence of six years due to the danger he poses, especially to small children.

Rooney who is a manipulative and conniving, predatory paedophile was jailed for 14 years in 2015 for a series of sickening sexual offences against children, including babies.

The 46-year-old was released from prison in January 2021 after serving half that sentence.

Bradford Crown Court later heard how he was caught in a police sting operation later that year.

A judge described how the former senior NCO engaged in ‘disgusting’ online chats with two undercover police officers during which he arranged to engage in sexual activity with their fictional children and sent them vile photographs and videos of abuse.

Meanwhile, Rooney has already been recalled to serve the full 14 years sentence for his previous offending, imposed by Plymouth Crown Court in 2015.

Judge Hatton, however, explained that legislation that imposed an automatic life sentence for a second ‘listed’ offence only applied if he intended to pass a sentence in excess of 10 years for the new offences.

He described the images sent to the officers by Rooney as ‘grotesque and defy description’.

The mother of two of his original victims was in court to hear Rooney being jailed again.

Outside the court, she protested that the law should be changed to make sure repeat offenders are jailed for life and she described Friday’s sentence as ‘absolutely outrageous’.

The woman said: “I’d like him to have a life sentence because he’s such a danger to the public. I think he should never come out of prison again.’

“This allows him to be out at some point which I think is terrifying.’

“He’s not learnt anything from his time inside.

“He’s not rehabilitated. He’s just come out and done exactly what he wanted to do, which is to abuse other children.

“He is incredibly dangerous. He has an intrinsic compulsion to attack children. He is just an incredibly dangerous man.”

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