Zazu: Nigerians Argue Over Use OF Lyrics To Test Mass Communication Students

The Question Paper has gone viral on social media

It is no longer news that in recent examination for students of a certain class of Mass Communication Department, in a Nigerian University, the lyrics of “Zazu” was made a compulsory question.

Zazu is a song by fast rising Singer Portable, whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola

A Scene in Zazu video

The lecturer involved allegedly allotted 24 marks to the compulsory question in which students were asked to carry out an analysis of the song lyrics.

Not only Portable, even the international dancer who was a co-artist in the hit song, Poco Lee, was also featured in the question as observed on the question paper which has now gone viral on social media.

However, since the information came to public knowledge, Nigerians especially those on the Cyber Space have not stopped reacting to it.

Some condemned the decision by the lecturer to even consider Zazu for knowledge testing let alone making it a compulsory question. In their opinion, such amounted to insult to the students, disgrace to the University and undermining of education.

But to some others, there is nothing wrong with the decision of the lecturer, saying any issue can be used to test knowledge.

These are a few of the comments as highlighted by Platforms Africa.

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