Saturday Reflection: “You Shall Flourish Like A Palm Tree”

“The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree…they shall still bear fruit in old age” Psalm 92:12, 14.

In 2006, the Israeli soldiers and scientists successfully germinated a two thousand year old date palm seed found at the herodian fortress called Masada near the dead sea. Palm trees have important place in the Bible. In the old testament, the tree is used to illustrate God’s presence, illustrate his blessings, and it is linked to the temple and presence of God.

The new testament also mentions people praising God and throwing palms on the ground as Jesus walked into the temple.

Beloved of God, time is not a factor, neither is the barren ground of circumstance.
The most important thing is allowing our hearts to be the soil in which God is welcome, Christ is received and humanity is blessed.
He never promised and failed.

Like a palm tree, you shall flourish today and every day of this year.
No matter your age or circumstance you will be fruitful.

Like the palm tree planted by the bank of the river, you will experience total blossom.

You will not fade before your time.

You will be relevant all year round in Jesus name. Amen

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