Historic Nigerian Court Pulled Down

Court Was Burnt During #Endsars Protest in 2020

Lagos State government has begun pulling down the remains of the symbol of Nigeria’s legal history, the Igbosere High Court on Lagos Island.

The court, an inherited legal monument from the colonial days, was burnt down on October 25, 2020, in the aftermath of the #Endsars protests that rocked Lagos.

An earth-moving heavy equipment was sighted demolishing the ancient Court, signifying the beginning of reconstruction.

The Igbosere High Court was known as the Lagos Supreme Court with its existence dating back to the period of the cession of Lagos as a British colony in 1861.

It became Lagos High Court at the creation of the Federal Supreme Court as one of the judicial bodies of the Lagos Judiciary.

The Igbosere High Court is the highest ranking in the State judiciary, and it has under it the Magistrates’ Courts, the Customary Courts, and the Customary Court of Appeal.

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