DJ Cuppy Offers Self To Don Jazzy As Rihanna Is Gone

As celebrities across Nigeria have been rallying round one of their own, Don Jazzy, to help him cope with heartbreak over losing Rihanna, Billionaire’s daughter, Dj Cuppy has offered herself to the Music Mogul as a replacement for Rihanna.

Dj Cuppy made her position known in a post that she dropped on her Instagram page.

This is not the best of time for Don Jazy, losing the only lady that pleases his heart to another man. The more worrisome part of the whole thing is that, for that number of years that Don Jazzy publicly declared his love for the International Superstar from Barbedos, the singer didn’t show concern one bit.

A picture of Rihanna which surfaced online showed her with pregnancy and the man that put her in family way was holding her tightly , proving that he was not going anywhere. That meant the end of the road for Jazzy.

Don Jazzy , for years spoke about how deeply he loved Rihanna and how he has been praying that she became her wife one good day. Devasted about the development, Jazzy shared a picture of pregnant Rihanna with her new lover and accompanied it with “it is finished”.

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