Is She The Strongest Woman In Nigeria?

It is often said that, “what a man can do, a woman can too”.

However when it comes to physical strenght, many give it to men ,as nature tends to favour them in that area more than their female counterparts. But there appears to be one lady in Nigeria whom some feel could have what it takes to lock horn with men in physical strenght, agility and bravery.

That lady is Fahintoluwa Okegbenle, who recently traveled to 22 states across Nigeria using a bike.

The adventure-seeking
Fahintoluwa said not even the challenging security situation in the country was enough to deter her from doing what she loves the most. Luck was on her side as she never had any insecurity encounters on the way while travelling through northern states.

Fahintoluwa had shared photos on social media of her biking adventure, saying that the journey was really a great one.

She added that she was always on the lookout for any strange thing on the road in order not to run into insecurity situations.

It has been reported that Fehintoluwa rode her bike from Lagos state to Asaba , Delta State, from where she rode to Onitsha in Anambra State and back within a day.

Meanwhile, Nigerians who read about her biking adventure have however expressed mixed feelings over the whole issue.

While some called her a hero who deserves to be honoured by the president, others said she was putting her life under risk as she could be kidnapped on the way or become victim of insecurity.

Read some of the comments below.

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