The Ministry Goes On In The Philippines Despite All Odds

Witnessing for Jesus Christ has never an easy task. It is in sharing in the suffering, tribulations and victories of the Saviour Jesus Christ,who gave his all to reconcile man to God.

Although with modernisation, it is now possible for believers to enjoy luxuries, riding in exotic vehicles, worshipping in air conditioned churches and adorning expensive clothing, people in some parts of the world are still paying heavy prices in the work of the kingdom.

Take a look at this! These are young Christian Ministers in the Philippines who despite all odds have not thrown in the towel.

Even in wall-less batcher , erected in a bushy neighbourhood, they are good to go in winning souls and making disciples.

Buzzministry is proud of this and wishes to congratulate the affected young ministers in the Philippines. Their actions are worthy of emulation for the effective and efficient advancement of the gospel.

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