Antics Of Nigerian Politicians

Nigeria is undoubtedly among the most endowed nations of the World with abundant natural and human resources. With an estimated population of two hundred million people, which is more than that of some ten nations joined together , massive fertile land and huge deposits of mineral resources including crude oil of high grade, Nigeria has all it takes to rule the world.

Sadly due to bad leadership, the country, known as African giant due to its enomous size, has remained one of the most backward nations in the world.

For instance, the nation grapples with high poverty rate, dearth of infrastructures, low human development index and very high corruption rate.

More worrisome is that the nation’s debt profile keeps increasing by the day.

Politicians are known for making promises of good governance to the masses during campaign but never fulfill them after they are elected.

As the country will hold its general election early 2023, politicians have as usual started making empty promises.

These are some of the antics of Nigerian politicians as captured in pictures.

Asiwaju Tinubu who is being packaged by the ruling APC Government to take over from Buhari. He pictured himself sipping juice from the same tumbler with a child
Former Vice President, Atiku . He was the candidate of the leading opposition Party, PDP in last Presidential election that was won by Buhari. He wants to as PDP Presidential aspirant. He pictured himself eating common meal with poor children
Former Governor of Imo State, Rochas who is also eying the presidential seat in next election. He pictured himself carrying a street child while roasting corn

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