Trouble For Private Schools in Kano

The saying that if one finger touches red oil, the remaining four are not spared, seems to be playing out in Kano State, where the State government has reportedly withdrawn the operational certificates of all private schools in the State.

The decision was announced by the  State Commissioner for Education , Muhammad Sanusi Kiru at a briefing on Monday.

This comes after the sad incident in the state, in which a private school teacher, Addulmalik Tanko murdered one of his pupils Hanifa Abubakar, after abducting her and collecting 6 million ransom from her parents.

Abdulmalik Tanko, also doubled as the proprietor of his victim’s school, Noble Kids Academy, Kano.

Muhammad Sanusi Kiru stated that in line the new order, owners of private institutions were required to re-validate their operational certificates.

The clarified that “‘we are all aware of the ongoing case concerning Hanifa’s death as she was gruesomely murdered by a suspect, called Abdulmalik Tanko who is the proprietor of Noble Kids Academy.‘In view of the sad incidence, especially regarding how she was murdered in her own private school, the State Government has decided to withdraw the certificates of all private schools for revalidation,’ he declared.

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