Kano Teacher Begs Parents For Forgiveness After Killing Their 5 Year Old Daughter

Killer Teacher and 5 Year Old Victim

Abdulmalik Tanko ,the alleged owner of Noble Kids Nursery and Primary School, Kawana, Kano State  who confessed to killing one of his students, five-year-old Hanifa Abubakar, has begged the girl’s parents to forgive him.

Tanko, while being paraded  before newsmen on Friday, January 21 confessed that he put one hundred naira  worth of rat poison into a drink he gave to Hanifa and then watched her die. He thereafter buried her inside his school compound. 

He had  abducted the girl, called her parents to make demand  of 6 million Naira ransom, that was paid and went ahead to kill the pupil when he noticed that she recognised his face.

Tanko who dismissed claims that he killed Hanifa for ritual purposes, alleged that he decided to bury her remains in the school premises because he couldn’t find another secured place.

Pleading to the Hanifa’s parents for forgiveness, Tanko said he  got involved in the heinous crime because he was going through financial crisis.

”I just want to plead with the parents. I am so sorry for what I did to them. I have killed their daughter so I am very sorry. This is a life, a life is something precious”.

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