NCF Holds “2021 Spring Alive Event” ,Urges School Children To Embrace Bird Conservation


The Nigerian Conservation Foundation, NCF, has held the 2021 “Spring Alive ” event by gathering school children at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos where they were given indepth teaching about birds, including how to make an impact in the conservation of the useful organisms.

NCF, at the event, urged young people including children and teenagers, particularly those in primary and secondary schools, to take keen interest in biodiversity conservation as it affects the protection of birds and their nests.

The 2021 Spring Alive event was held under the theme ‘’Protect Bird Nests”.

NCF emphasised the need to protect the nests of birds wherever they are found.

In a statement by its Head of Communications, Mr. Oladapo Soneye, NCF said the ” Spring Alive is an international annual project to encourage children’s interest in nature and the conservation of migratory birds as well as to get the young ones to take action in birds protection and participate in events organized by BirdLife Partners.

“The students were taught about migratory birds, some of the challenges they face as they journey each year as well as caring for the young ones. Activities carried out include Bird watching; Hands on Art and Craft; Nature interpretation of relevant infographics and general environmental education knowledge.

“Migratory birds are beneficial to us and the planet’s ecosystems because they provide critical services such as seed dispersal, pollination, pest control, cultural value, nature’s clean-up crew, helps research, stress relief and more.

“According to BirdLife Africa, our planet is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction event, with climate change, habitat destruction and other human activities devastating the diversity of life on the planet. But while the crisis is undeniably urgent, there’s also hope. Humans may create huge challenges – but with enough support, dedication, education and resources, we can also reverse them.

While admonishing the students, the Head of Environmental Education of NCF, Mrs Abidemi Balogun said as students, the participants must play their roles in protecting the birds so that the world would continue to have more species of the organisms for the administration of future generations.

Mrs Balogun noted that relevant educational materials were distributed to the students to enhance their understanding of birds and how they can contribute in conserving them.

“As a student, for the moment and for future, you must play your role in protecting our birds so that we can continue to have species we can current see and admire”.

The event also created an opportunity for the children to network and make new friends, just as they enjoyed the natural environment that the Lekki Conservation Centre offers.

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