Ways Young Couples Can Survive Demons In New Apartments

The environment that one resides ,the compound, house owner and neighbours play significant role in determining the person’s happiness, safety and wellbeing. Times are bad; a lot of people are turning into demons and unleashing evil on innocent individuals. It takes extra wisdom and spiritual alertness to stay safe in one’s place of abode. Young couples who are leaving their parents to start their own life in a new environment should beware of this and devise ways of protecting themselves against natural and human demons.

Some newly weds in their quest to start their homes have plunged themselves into situations of life and death, after packing into bad compounds. Bad compounds are buildings that are owned by evil landlords who are believed to use mystical powers to toment their tenants. Stories are told that such houses are found in virtually every major city. They are known mostly for setbacks, unending challenges, incessant cases of deaths and lack of prosperity among tenants. Such houses are deserted where they are widely known but unsuspecting people who often get attracted by their exotic looks and low amount charged by the owners, pack into them to their destruction.

Apart from the bad compound issue, some compounds are also difficult to live in due to the nature of tenants there. Some people are just too troublesome to live together with in the same compound. How can young couples avoid bad houses in their search for a new accommodation after wedding and how can they survive the antics and persecutions of difficult and troublesome co-tenants?

These are some of the tested ways of overcoming problems in new compounds;

1. Consult widely before paying and moving into new houses. Don’t be in a hurry when searching for house to rent; take your time and ask the necessary questions. Ensure that old tenants are doing relatively well in their finances, children and health . Don’t rely only on the assurances of house agents, find a way of talking with existing tenants as well as nearby residents about the history and condition of the house

2. Grow in Spirit .When a house has been certified safe for habitation ,the common elemental demons to encounter are environmental. They include charms, projections and gang-ups which come mostly from fellow tenants. These may be a major source of problem for people in the yard, but by growing in spirit and knowledge through active prayer life and with supports from higher authorities , victory is sure.

3. When you move into a new house, take your time to study the attitudes of individual tenants in the building to know how well to relate with everyone. People have different personalities and temperaments and should be related with likewise to get the best in them.

4. Avoid gossips. As you move in to a new house, the common practice is for some older tenants to come closer to you for gossips. Mind what you say and make sure you don’t speak against anyone. Let whoever that comes to you know that you are not cut out for gossip. Find better and more rewarding things to do with your time, not gossiping with other irresponsible persons in the yard when your partner is away for work. Gossip in yards is a major cause of quarrel between tenants as well as conflict between couples. It also brings ridicule to the one involved.

5. Don’t be too close with anybody and don’t make any your enemy. It can be difficult to be friendly with everyone in the yard considering the nasty attitude and bad behaviour that some may display. But to enjoy your stay in your new environment , you should not make anyone your enemy. Try to relate freely and cordially with all. This is necessary to have people to offer you help in times of difficulty. No one is an island. No matter the level of your wealth, education or physical strength, you can’t exist all alone. For instance ,your flat is gutted by fire or your wife is in labour when you are away, the tenants will be there to offer rescue mission. If everyone is your enemy, none will come to your rescue.
However, your relationship with them should not be too close and deep that you go and relax in their houses for gists. Do not also go too deep with them by discussing your family matters, past challenges, earnings and sources of income. Let there be a wide gap.

6. Be humble and kind: People who are humble and kind are loved by any reasonable person. Humility is not a weakness but commendable virtue that attracts respect, loyalty and respect. Regardless of your wealth, be humble. Refrain from the “a whole me” or ” do you know who you are talking to?'” kind of life of some arrogant rich people. Be considerate and accessible but at the same time set boundaries that must be respected.

Also be known as a giver not receiver. A giver will always never lack. Learn to give, not out of your abundance but necessity. Giving opens doors and attracts loyal and faithful friends.

7. Portray yourself as a responsible family. People will like to associate with one who is responsible in their conducts. By being responsible, pay all compound levies as and when due, keep your surroundings clean, dont disturb others with the sound of your musical instrument and don’t be too irresponsive in your religious life that you disturb the peace of others with loud prayers especially at odd hours when people need a calm environment to enjoy their sleep. If there is the need to pray aloud, shut all doors and windows to prevent the noise from going out to disturb next-door neighbours. As couples, settle your conflicts amicable within yourselves without involving neighbours. That is a great way of displaying responsibility.

8. Give your children sound upbringing that they do not constitute nuisance to people in the yard. Children are often a major source of quarrel among tenants in yards. Children constitute nuisance through noise making, bringing strange people as friends to the yard and fighting. Teach them to remain indoors and avoid following playmates to their houses. The play at school should be enough for them. If at all, there is need for your children to play with those of other co-tenants, it must be at the open space in the yard and under the supervision of adults.

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