Society Benefits When Parents Take Their Children To Christ-Charismatic Minister 

A Minister of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Sis. Cordelia Okorie says Nigeria and indeed the world in general will be better to live in if believers can carry along members of their families in serving God.

 Sis. Okorie made the submission while speaking on the Day 3 of the ongoing 21 Days Prayer and Fasting Programme of Good Shepherd Community, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Saint Monica’s Parish in Lagos. The programme “Beginning the Year with the Lord” is held annually in early January towards the spiritual revival and knowledge impartation of believers for greater exploit in the New Year.

In a talk entitled ,”Sanctify your family”, Sis. Okorie said it is the responsibility of believers to lead their  family member to Christ through spearheading of activities that ensure that family members walk on the path of righteousness and are brought together in prayer.
While noting that families progress rapidly when regularly sanctified, Sis. Okorie particularly charged parents to not just educate, feed and supply all material needs of their children but be intentionally committed to fulfilling their spiritual needs.

 According to her, “A family is a group of people related by blood or by marriage.  Sanctify means to make holy or set free from sin. You have the responsibility to sanctify your family.

“In today’s world most of us concentrate on providing for our families but never remember to care for their spiritual needs. praying their School, feeding and clothing them is all we think about. Lets emulate Job who cared for the spiritual needs of his children. He organised parties for them and still found ways of leading them to God”.

“The central of our message is leading our family to Jesus. Jesus is the gateway to heaven. The era of offering sacrifices has gone. We are in the time when we go to Jesus Christ directly.

“Ensure that every member of our family receive the sacraments of Baptism especially and Holy Eucharist, then follow them up. Make sure they go to confession to receive holy communion regularly.

“We have roles to play to take them to God. Evangelise the family. Some evangelise outside but leave their family.If you want to win souls for Christ, begin from your family. Find programmes that bring your family close in prayer.

“Whenever you see any negative thing in our family, do everything possible to stop it. If we are children of God, coming to church and leaving members of our family at home, it is not good. It is important to we start early to bring them to God. Open their eyes to see the consequence of their life. 

“There are a lot of benefits when we pray together as a family-raising the faith of members, helping all to connect and opening the hearts of brethren to embrace forgiveness. When we do things together as a family, it creates room to bring the power of God to the family”. 

Meanwhile,the Day 2 topic with theme, “Where are the other nine?” opened the eyes of attendees to the enomous benefits of living a life of appreciation and gratitude to God.
The Minister Sis. Edede Ijeoma pointed out that, “God honours thanksgiving,. in everything you should give thanks to God. Fellowship brings hope and solution Be thankful even in small matters”.

The programme is becoming more excited as the number of participants increase by the day.

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