St. Monica Maza-Maza Charismatic Group Awards Members To Celebrate Pentecost

The Saint Monica Catholic Church, Maza-Maza Charismatic Group known as Good Shepherd Community has recognised and awarded ten (10) persons for their meritorious contributions to the growth of the movement in the parish.

They were awarded in the course of their LOVE FEAST on Sunday 28 May,2023 being the high point of their Pentecost Novena.

The colourful event began with Word ministration by Brother Thomas Eze, Leader of the Healing Ministry of the community and also Secretary of the church Laity Council.

Thereafter, the community coordinator , Brother Innocent Odo gave his opening remark.

The award presentation by Bro. Innocent Odo to the recipients was laced with lots of attractions and fun ,with Charismatic brethren, friends and colleagues cheering up the recipients amidst band performance at the background.

The event was strategic as it coincided with the community’s 10th anniversary.

Here are the names and citations of the recipients of the awards.

Award plaque received by his daughter

Mr. Charles Okey Udeogu, does not live among the brethren and not even their member, but his contributions to the Community have been quite remarkable. He single handedly donated a complete band set  to them. As a matter of fact, he gave his entire family members to the Charismatic family. His two boys (twins ) play the instruments for the community free of charge.

Mr. Udeogu is the husband of one of the Sister s in Praise and Worship, Sister Stella Udeogu, who is known is a very committed  Minister. She has served and continues to serve St. Monica Charism and the church as a whole.


Brother Chukwudum is unarguably one of the longest serving members of our Service Team. For the record, he has  officially been in the service Team from 2013 to date, and his service to the community is just unquantifiable.

The brother was among those whom the Holy Spirit used to bring Charismatic from St. Joseph Kirikiri to St. Monica parish, Maza-Maza.

Brother Chukwudum is always available to deliver, running errands for the community at any time of the day. During charism activities especially vigils, he deployed his expertise in electrical wiring to ensure that electricity is not interrupted.

He has also held many posts and gave good account of himself. These include,

-Community Treasurer

-Financial Secretary

– Ambassador Leader


-Deanery Ambassador Leader


The Charismatic that we all are enjoying today in St. Monica Parish, would not have been possible without the vision and foresight of some people,who allowed themselves to be used by the Holy Spirit to bring the movement to our Church. One of the visioners  is our dear sister, EMMANUELLA MGBEWELU.

Sister Emmanuelle and her team brought Charismatic from St. Joseph Kirikiri and to the glory of God she is the pioneer co-ordinator and  matron of St. Monica Catholic Church, CCRN Good Shepherd Community, Maza-maza.

At that time, the  group was named Basic D community. With the authorization of the Service Team of St. Joseph,  brethren were holding prayer meetings  at Number 46 Alahu Osumba, Maza-maza which happened to be  the house of Mr. & Mrs Dominic Ozoigbo , sister Emmanuella’s inlaw.

Sister Emmanuelle joined CCRN in the year 1999  and did her  Life in the Spirit Seminar the following year,  2000. 

From then till now, she has held quite a number of posts and served meritoriously.

For instance, she was the leader of Intercessory Ministry of our Community for two tenures, from 2013 to 2019.

 Between 2014 and 2016, she was elected as the General  Secretary of our Service Team, and by God’s Grace, she also  served as AST members.

 From  October 9th 2016 to 2019 , Sister Emmanuelle added yet another feather as she was elected as FESTAC Deanery Intercessory Ministry General secretary.  

Our sister again served as the  FESTAC Deanery treasurer between  2019  and 2023.


Brother Emmanuel Ukwuji is to say the least, a special gift to St. Monica Catholic Church, CCRN. A man with an exception large heart, Bro. Okwuji is ever willing to make sacrifices in the good interest of our community and advancement of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

His School, Novena Nursery and Primary School, where we gather today has become our permanent place for DESERT OUTING and whole lots of other activities. For the records, we use the school without paying a damn.

This is aside the handsome monetary donations that he make in support of every of our spiritual projects.

Brother Emma Ukwuji as he is popularly called has remaining one of the most committed ministers in our community; he maintains excellent attendance in both Prayers Meetings and Ministry Meetings.

We are glad that the Holy Spirit has brought him to the Service Team and pray that the same Spirit will use him even more to take our community higher.


Elder, Brother Christopher Akubo did his Life in the Spirit Seminar at Navy Town as far back as 1991, making it 32 years that he has been in the Renewal. 

Hence , he is undoubtedly one of he oldest and most experienced Charismatic members in our community.

 But in-spite of his longevity in the Renewal, Pa. Akubo as he is popularly called is down to earth and easily approachable.

He has been working exceptionally hard for the growth and development of Charismatics and St. Monica church at large. Pa Akubo at a point was the one managing the church compound and securing  the facilities in the church. In fact, he used his position as a senior naval officer to bring peace and security within the Estate.

His participation in Charismatic programmes is legendary and he would always come in time, joining others in arranging the venue.

Bro Akubo has served meritoriously at different levels. 

He was a coordinator at Navy Town as well as the Teaching Ministry Leader of both  Navy Town and here in our community.

He was a member of our Community’s Service Team for many years.

Brother Akubo is no doubt a worthy Ambassador of Good Shepherd Community, a good example to upcoming Charismatic ministers and in fact a good servant of God Almighty.


Avery fine gentlemen, Brother. Chinedu Atuchukwu’s lifestyle is a clear testament that one can be successful and still serve God well. Since over a decade that he did his Life in the Spirit Seminar, Brother. Atuchukwu has remained very dedicated ,giving his time and resources in service of God.

He has remained a strong pillar of financial assistance to our community and the parish at large. Brother has repeatedly brought speakers for us.

 During evangelical outreaches, Brother Atuchukwu would donate handsomely and still give out his bus to convey participants. In one of the programmes held around Badagry area, Brother Chinedu Atuchukwu was sighted carrying the speaker on his head for over three hours. His humility is out of this world. 

He has served in many categories at different levels. These include;

-Assistant Coordinator, Good Shepherd Community, Maza-Maza

-Leader of Evangelical Ministry for 2 tenures

– Deanery Treasurer ,Evangelical Ministry 

-Deanery PRO, Evangelical Ministry

To say the least, Brother Chinedu Atuchukwu is a blessing to our community


If there is one person in St. Monica Catholic Church, Maza-Maza that needs no introductions, the person is Brother Dominic Okafor, because of the zeal that he put in ministry activities. 

As the Band Leader, Brother Dom will be the first to come to church in order to set the instruments for our prayer meetings. He has never missed any Charismatic activity, except if he traveled out of Lagos. 

Brother Dominic did his Life in the Spirit Seminar as far back as 1986 in the northern part of the country. 

When he relocated to Onitsha in Anambra state, he didn’t waste time in identifying with the Charismatic family. As a matter of fact, he was Service Team member, as we as  leader of the Evangelical, Teaching and Healing Ministries  is equal to none. 

In our community, Bro Dom aside being the Band Leader ,was for years the Assistant Leader of Praise and Worship Ministry.

He has now been elected as a member of the Service Team.


One person who has always been there and has seen it all as far as the St. Monica Catholic Church CCRN is concerned , is our senior brother Cyriacus Akalefu. Through him and others, this great spiritual movement was established in St. Monica Catholic Church, Maza-Maza from St. Joseph Kirikiri.

Brother CY was the very first Coordinator of this community after inauguration and he served for two consecutive tenures. During his first tenure, he was assisted by a great Minister of God,  Brother Joe Mario Barnabas, whom it pleased God to call to Himself soo soon. As the coordinator, this community witnessed  tremendous physical and spiritual growth, held evangelical outreaches, crusades , Desert outings, etc.

He was later elected as AST member. After that, our brother proceeded to the Deanery level , first as Financial Secretary, next Treasurer and thereafter the Deanery Chairman. As the Deanery Chairman, brother CY exhibited strong leadership skills which in enabled the CCRN of the Deary to achieve quite a lot. Brother has a special talent of memorizing things. During Deanery programmes,many are often left dumbfounded seeing as Bro. CY made quite a long remarks that include recalling people by names and positions, without reading from paper.

Outside charism, Brother CY was an 

Assistant Laity chairman of St.Monica Catholic Church and was once the leader of the Parish choir, amongst others.


EZINNE SISTER ANN UKATTA is indeed a good and  worthy Ambassador not only to the St. Monica Catholic Church, CCRN Good Shepherd Community, but also the movement in totality. She has been a blessing to humanity.

As a Healing Minister, EZINNE SISTER ANN has used her Spiritual gifts to bring libration, deliverance and healing to quite a lot of people in and out of Lagos.

In her quest to make greater impact in people’s, our sister established a foundation and through that offers financial assistance, food and others to members of the society.

Sister Ann wasn’t born a millionaire, but through fervent prayer and deliverance, the Holy Spirit used her to elevate her family financially. Today , our sister is the mother of millionaires who are making waves in different parts of the country,even oversees.

EZINNE SISTER ANN, has served the community meritoriously. She was chosen through Holy Ghost election as leader of the Healing Minister. However, giving her numerous engagements including involvement in CWO, she begged to be excused. The post was then given to Brother Thomas Eze who lead the Minister till after last election. But throughout that period, she consistently represented her Minister at Deanery programmes.

We are grateful that she has now been elected as the Deputy Leader of the Minister.


You will agree with me that Brother Michael Chukwuemeka Ani does not need introduction because as they say ,,” a big fish has no hiding place”. In all Charismatic activities in our parish, brother Mike as he is fondly called is seen performing one prominent role or the other. 

He is one person who is always ready to feed us with the word. Call him at any time of the day, our brother will make himself available and he will deliver the word in a way that people’s spirits are lifted. 

Brother Mike Ani began the Charismatic journey in Enugu and in 1999 did his Life in the Spirit Seminar.

At St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ajegunle where he has remained a household name,  brother Ani was the Group Leader of the Evangelical Ministry as well as the Ambassador leader of their community. Among countless other positions, he served as their PIC member and  also member of many sub-committees.

St Mary. Has been member of Life in the Spirit Seminar committees.

When he came to St. Monica Parish to Brother Michael Ani introduced a number of of good innovations for us. He began the Evangelical Ministry , So also the PIC as well as Faith Clinic alongside Late Brother Joe Mario Barnabas and others.

A recipient of several awards, brother Michael Ani was has been the 

Deanery Leader of Evangelical Ministry and he represents that Deanery at the  Archdiocesan Evangelical Ministry functions.

He has been the Chairman of our community’s PIC which is involved in planning of our programmes.

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