Software firm, Tribearc, enters Nigerian market with exciting offers

One of the Africa’s leading software companies, Tribearc, has entered into the Nigerian market with loads of exciting offers with feature that allows users to purchase its different products in the currency of their choice.

This is contained in a statement by Mr Opeyemi Emmanuel,

the Chief Executive Officer of the company on Thursday in Lagos.

Mr Opeyemi Emmanuel

“Nigerians can pay for its products using their Naira debit cards.

“Tribearc also offers 99.9 per cent guaranteed email deliverability and automatic email verification ensuring all transactional mails are sent quickly.

“Tribearc is invested in helping marketers, developers, content creators and entrepreneurs gain more leads, verify these leads and nurture their customers with email automation.

“It apply’s useful APIs and webhooks, engage customers with its well tested free email marketing copies, build landing pages, host online courses and many more features,” Emmanuel said.

He said that Tribearc provides everything a developer and marketer needs to succeed in business.

“We believe that by sharing the best tools with Africans, we can continue to improve the business environment and empower the tech ecosystem,” Emmanuel said.

He noted that available statistics estimated that the number of email users across the world were 4.3 billion people as at 2022.

He said that this number would grow to at least 4.6 billion and yielding estimated revenue of at least 11 billion dollars by the end of 2023.

“This makes software providers like Tribearc ever more relevant,” Emmanuel said.

According to him, email marketing is fast becoming the go-to marketing strategy for many Nigerian businesses due to its affordability, detailed data analysis and good audience reach.

He said that email marketing continues to serve as a personal means of communicating a brand’s message while directly increasing traffic for a business’ website.

“Tribearc’s mandate is to ensure that more entrepreneurs, developers and marketers have the necessary digital tools to succeed in the African continent,” Emmanuel said.

He said that Tribearc would be hosting business experts, developers, communicators and tech enthusiasts to a webinar on the top trends in email marketing.

Emmanuel said that online event would take place on March, 17, 2023 by 10.00 a.m.

He said that the webinar is titled: “Email Marketing Trends: How To Scale Up Your Business by Over 50 per cent in 2023.”

Emmanuel added that the webinar would educate attendees on leveraging Artificial Intelligence to write powerful emails, email segmentation and deliverability, email marketing and campaign measurement, among others.

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