Kano Indigenes Troop Out To Receive Peter Obi

Today’s campaign rally in Kano State  by the Labour Party (LP) was a huge success as residents trooped out to receive the party’s Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi and his running mate.

It was held at the Kano Pillar stadium. Videos and pictures of the event show large crowds of people with some climbing to catch glimpse of Obi.

Meanwhile ,Nigerians on the social media space have been expressing their happiness over the large turn out of Kano people for the LP rally, hoping that it is evidence that more people are keying into the New Nigeria project.

According to Melvin Melosa Osunde,

“The vote that will make Peter Obi president is coming from the north we as common citizens across all religion background has suffered so much in the hands of these political hijackers parading their selves as looters and rulers is a new dawn for Nigerians to have a true leader”.

Chidi Ndubuisi Okoli writes ,”Good development for a better Nigeria under Peter Obi as president of Nigeria”.

It was reported that ahead of the visit, some groups of northerners were seen chanting “Sai Obi”

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