Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit.” Psalm 147:5.

Emotions are powerful attributes shared by humans. The writer of this Psalm demonstrated this immensely and recognized the benefits of praising God, the all knowing Maker and Sustainer of all. The Healer of emotional and physical wounds. He praised God for the ways He provides and delights in those who fear Him.

Beloved of God, I pray that as we are all struggling to make sense of what is happening around us – the economy, health, and emotional wellbeing, we don’t have to feel alone or discouraged.
May we rest on the unlimited understanding of our Unchanging God.
We thank Him for the help in navigating the tough times and assurance that He will always be there for us at all times.
Today, I pray that His abiding presence will go with us and help us in all our endeavours in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

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