Nigerian Govt. Orders Implementation Of New Retirement Age For Teachers

The Federal Government of Nigeria has ordered the concerned institutions to without delay start enforcing the new retirement age set for teachers.

Government while giving the order emphasised that the approved retirement age and years of service for teachers “apply to all education officials regardless of their position”.

The permanent secretary Federal Ministry of Education,  Andrew Adejo, in a new circular explained that there would be no limit on the application of retirement age and length of service.

The PS also also instructed those not interested in the extension to apply for removal from service in accordance with existing rules.

According to the circular “Following the enactment of the Harmonized Retirement Age for Teachers in Nigeria Act 2022, recently enacted by His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, the new retirement age of 65 and length of service of 40 years would apply to all education officers, regardless of their position, while emphasizing more chalk-in-hand teachers with a view to maintaining a standard, control and inspection functions.

“Derived from the above, there would no longer be limits on the implementation of the harmonized retirement age/service time for education officials/teachers. However, those who are not interested in the extension scheme must request withdrawal from service in accordance with the current Public Service Rules.

“This circular replaces previous circulars on the subject such as the Harmonized Retirement Age Law. 2020 is superior to any guideline.”

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) in January 2021, approved the bill to increase the retirement age and years of service of teachers to 65 years and 40 years respectively.

In addition to raising the retirement age and years of service, the bill also introduced scholarship awards, special allowances for rural posts and other items that will encourage bright Nigerians to pursue teaching.

However, the Ministry of Education explained that the new retirement age and years of service would not be automatic, as teachers would demonstrate aptitude before benefiting from the new scheme and those who did not would be advised to retire accordingly.

He added that the extension was limited only to education officials and teaching staff.

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