Ekweremadu, Wife Detained In London Over Alleged Organ Harvest

A former Nigerian Senate President, Dr. Ike Ekweremadu and his wife have reportedly been detained by the police in London.

They were detained for alleged connivance and conspiracy to harvest the organs of a child that they took to London,United Kingdom.

The duo were billed to be remanded in court today after being apprehended by the Specialist Crime Team of the Metropolitan Police in London.

The child was said to have been taken into protective custody.

Organ harvesting is a term used for surgically removing a body organ, such as a kidney, from a healthy person who can live without it and transplanting it to the body of someone who is in danger of dying without it.

Organ harvesting doesn’t mean killing someone and selling their body parts for “money” or other kinds of “ritual.”

Relating it to the Ekweremadu’s story, the couple got into trouble because It’s a crime in the UK and elsewhere if this is done without the consent of the organ donor.

And according to revelations,
Ekweremadu’s daughter needs a kidney, so they brought in a 15 year old homeless boy with illegally obtained passport, stating the boy was 21, with a promise to give him a better life.

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