Say if government can’t protect citizens, it should allow them protect themselves

The Network of African Christian Journalists (NACJOURN) has asked the Federal Government to speak the truth about its ability to protect Nigerians, adding that if this government is unfit and unable to protect Nigerians, should give everyone the power to provide adequate security for themselves, just as individual Nigerians now provide electricity, water, health facility, road, etc for themselves.

The Network of Journalists said they can no longer watch quietly as Christians are being slaughtered left, right and centre in a country that boasts of a sitting president who was a general in the army. They ask Church leaders to start demanding that the government allow all and sundry to procure arms and defend themselves in the face of this crass docility and apparent failure of this government.

In a press statement signed by the President of the Network, Dr. Bola Adewara and the Secretary, Mr. Dayo Emmanuel, the Network of Christian journalists across the African continent and the diaspora said that they were saddened by this new attack on the Church.

‘This attack, coming on Pentecost day, the day the universal Church is commemorating its birth, and the attack happening in the hometown of a sitting governor who is the chief protagonist of Amotekun, the South-West security unit shows that the attackers and their sponsors know what they are doing.

‘This also happened a few days after the Prelate of the Methodist Church in Nigeria was abducted, and nothing has been done to track down the enemies of Jesus behind the incessant assault on the Church of Christ. We insist that if this government does not wake from its slumber, let them give the power to individuals to protect themselves.

Nacjourn commiserates with the Christian community in Owo, the Ondo State government and Nigerians in general on the act of cowardice the terrorists have carried out. They call on all Nigerian, irrespective of their religions, to speak up against this tragedy.

‘No one should be silent on this tragedy because the best condition for evil to thrive is for good people to keep quiet. It is Owo today. It can be anywhere tomorrow.

“If the Federal government of Nigeria agrees to wake up from its deep slumber, they should investigate the roots of these attacks. The government should up its game to be a step ahead of these criminals who have mastered the element of surprise. Is it a crime to be a Christian in a secular state?

“The states and Federal Government should collaborate with the local people in intelligence gathering because these killers are not spirits. The security operatives should be mobilised and encouraged to flush out evil-doers in the country. NACJOURN, as an association, seeks to see every religion practised in Africa enjoy the freedom of worship and association.

Story from elifeonline

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