NIPOST Resumes Clampdown Of Illegal Courier Operators

…..Set To Prosecute Defaulters

Enforcement team

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is set to prosecute dozens of dispatch riders and delivery drivers, intercepted in Lagos for operating illegally.

They were intercepted as the service yesterday resumed it’s clampdown of illegal courier operators, aimed at checking alleged nefarious activities by some of them as well as revenue loss to government.

The General Manager, Courier Logistics and Regulatory Department, CLRD, of NIPOST, Mr. Oladotun Shonde stated this on the first day of the enforcement which was conducted in parts of Falomo, Ikoyi.

Mr. Shonde who described the enforcement as hugely successful, explained that those intercepted would be charged and made to face the full weight of the law.

“We are going prosecute them. We are going to charge them to court. They will face the wralth of the law”, threatened Shonde while speaking with journalists.

The clampdown of illegal Courier Operators , though facilitated by the Courier logistics and Regulatory Department of NIPOST, was executed by a team of armed police officers.

Mr. Shonde , said the exercise was particularly necessary to curtail alleged nefarious activities by some bad eggs among unregistered courier operators.

He reiterated that their continued operation was not only a crime against the country ,but also threat to lives and properties, giving that some of them hide under the business to perpetrate criminal activities such as theft, peddling of illicit drugs and even kidnapping,among others.

The General Manager noted with dismay that all attempts to make the illegal courier operators do the right thing yielded no results as they failed to register their outfits and also refused to present themselves for training.

Mr. Shonde said having waited for so long for the unlicensed operators to do the needful , which they resisted, the department was left with no other option but to clampdown on them.

According to him, “We have done lots of sensitization, enlightenment and outreaches to talk to people operating illegally. We even offered flexible payment plan whereby they in instalments. So having done all, we have to take our stand.

‘The enabling law stipulates that nobody should operate without obtaining a valid licence. So for those who don’t have that licence, we are going out today to clampdown on them.

“The police is carrying out the enforcement. We are only facilitating it.

“It is a crime against the state; it is a criminal offence. We have lots of people that have been duped in this process. Somebody who is not registered, you cannot trace or track the consignment. Apart from the security threat, some of them carry illicit drugs, alms and ammunition.

” All these nefarious activities have brought about public disdain. Most of them actually translated from Okada riding into this dispatch riding thing without training.

“We offered to train them; some people actually heeded. For those who have refused to come to terms ,we don’t have a choice”.

The seized delivery motorbikes and boxes were appropriately registered before they were taken away to NIPOST office.

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