“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” Psalm 127:3 (KJV)

Happy Children’s Day to all our children wherever you may be. I really thank God for blessing us with these gifts, each one unique in his or her own way.

Our scripture for today draws our attention to the fact that they are God’s heritage. What does heritage mean? Simple word for heritage is gift. Let us look at that scripture in the Passion Translation. “Children are God’s love-gift; they are heaven’s generous reward.” Did you see that? They are God’s gift to you. Question: how are you handling the gift?

Children learn more by what they see you do than what you tell them. As gifts from God, God expects you to train them and lead them in the path of righteousness. He expects you to model them. Let them see Jesus in you, not by your words only, but more by your actions. Let your light so shine before them that they will desire to serve your God.

Don’t leave them at home when you are coming to church, bring them too. Let them value fellowship. But don’t stop at that, bring them to the family alter, irrespective of the age. You may think they are too young; no they are not. They learn by observing you, so let them observe you at every opportunity.

Create memorable family tradition with them. Let there be something they will grow up remembering that the family does together. It could be as simple as Sunday lunch or once a month family outing. It can be anything, even sightseeing and window shopping – just give them something that brings the family together and as they grow, you will see them reflect on that simple tradition with so much joy.

Today as we celebrate them, take out time to affirm them, love them, give them a treat today and pray for them and as they grow, you will see your desires concerning them come to pass In Jesus’ name

Further reading: Ps. 127:1-5
Daily Bible Reading: Morning – 2 Chronicles 1-3, Evening – John 10:1-23

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