“Lord, what is man that You take knowledge of him?” Psalm 144:3

Astronomers have tried to explain how many stars exist but have not been successful. Clusters have been identified with the aid of improved technology.
David realized that bulk and big size aren’t the measure of value after all, a ton of dirt is far bigger than a ten carat diamond but that does not make a dirt heap more valuable than diamond. We are small too but of great value before God.
However, the greatness of God can not be fully understood by man. But Christ’s death can be used as our measure of our worth to God.

Beloved of God, He loves us with the measureless love of calvary. Hence we are called to surrender our priceless souls to Him.
May the peace of God reign in our lives
Because our souls outweigh all the stars put together, He will care for us and guide us all through and always.
His divine protection will be upon us all now and beyond in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

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