Soludo’s “Fan Base” Soars After Visiting Nnamdi Kanu

Anambra State Governor ,Prof. Charles Soludo is receiving a huge positive reportage on the social media, as his tribal people in the south eastern part of Nigeria, have been showering praises on him for taking the right step of visiting , Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in prison.

Mazi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been in detention for a long time and people from his tribe have been shutting down the economies of the five south eastern states, through lockdowns ,in expression of their anger over the continued detention of the “very loved man”. The lockdown which has been held every Tuesday and days Kanu appeared in court is also their way of pressing for his unconditional release as soon as possible.

Taking to their various social media platforms especially Facebook, South Easterners said Soludo took a wise step by vising Mazi Kanu, while calling on other governors and top political office holders from the region to emulate the Anambra State governor and explore ways of effecting immediate release of the man.

They also asked Governor Soludo not to end in the visit but go a step further in making sure that Nnamdi Kanu becomes a free man soon.

Read some of the messages below

Obinna Jeff Okafor

“You see who a governor should be?who works talks.
This is a great move in restoring peace and security to the South Easter region. If you as a Governor doesn’t make glaring marks in infrastructure development and human capital development, at least pursue peace and security”.

Ucheneye Charles Neche

“My brother we should work hard to have such a man in Abia despite where he comes from.

Ikenyirimba Pascal Anosike

“Visiting is not the issue,the main issue is freedom of MNK if he visited him and he is not released. I don’t think it has meaning”

Luvday Odinaka Alicho

“This is a good move. It will be better if its not for political scores but for a permanent solution to the menace”

Chukwuka Adimbe

“Let the whole Igbos put heads together and see a way of releasing this young vibrant man. Visiting him is not really necessary but what we need is a way of bringing him out from there because that place is not his home”.

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