Remain Where You Are

“But David remained in Jerusalem” 2 Samuel 11:1

The story of Samuel shows the life of a man who was marvelously helped. He (David) survived the many arrows thrown at him, he fought lions and bears killing them all and also conquered the philistines and Goliath.
The Bible says that “the Lord gave David victory where ever he went.” 2 Sam. 8:6. All these are in spite of his poor judgements and errors.

Beloved of God, it is hard to stay grounded and unproductive when God says you are special.
We have to continue to ask God for help to guard our hearts and our steps.
May God grant us success today and protect us all from its excesses,
Wherever we go, whatever we do today, the Lord will give us victory in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

Good morning
Have a wonderful day/week ahead
Stay safe! Shalom

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