“And the Lord visited Sarah as He had said, and the Lord did unto Sarah as He had spoken.” Genesis 21:1 (KJV)

For me, it is a revelation that God does not have abandoned projects. I know that some issues may have tarried in your life and it seems as if God is running late, but I want to let you know that God will come through for you. Jeremiah 32:27 says “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything too difficult for me?”  When God made a promise to Abraham, it didn’t look like anything was going to happen, because Abraham and Sarah were both very old. But God visited Sarah as He had said. God came through for them. The same God will come through for you.
Take a moment to think about this! If God was judged faithful by men and women all through the ages, why would He fail now? The challenge we have as believers is that we put God into our mold and expect Him to fit into it. Beloved, we are not talking about your boss here, but about the Monarch of the universe. The El-Shaddai Himself! The maker of the Heavens and the earth. My question is do you still have enough faith in this God? Child of God, when God made that promise to you, it was not to pull punches. He meant what He said. Your responsibility, therefore, is to believe the promise, receive it, and thank Him for the fulfillment.

I have come to challenge you today to stand firm in faith and in the place of prayers. Do not stop until you see the manifestation of everything you believe God for. Often time, God will allow all flesh to be silent so that no one will take His glory. So, stop looking at impossibilities. Don’t allow the enemy to garage you with fear. God will remember you! Be rest assured that God who made promises to you will remember you and do for you as He has said. He will cause you to laugh and show you a token for good. You will not see shame! You will not see reproach!  Grace will continually speak for you!

Further reading: Genesis 21:1-3
Daily Bible Reading: Morning – 1 Kings 19-20, Evening – Luke 23:1-25

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