Problems Ahead Of Yul Edochie As He Takes A Second Wife

Famous Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie shocked the world this week when he announced on his social media platforms that he has welcomed a new son with a fellow in the movie industry, Judith Austin Moghalu.

The interesting side of the announcement is that he actually referred to Judith as “my second wife” meaning he has accepted life of polygamy. Not long after the landmark announcement, it was revealed that the thespian has secretly married Judith traditionally.

But being a Catholic and also coming from the Igbo tribe where polygamy is not common, Yul may indeed have put himself into serious problems by marrying Judith as a his second wife. The problems are multi-dimensional including religious, traditional, Extended and even his nuclear family.

Here are some of the problems that Yul should be ready to contain with by his decision to take a second wife;

  1. 1. Falling out of favour with his legendary Father, Pete Edochie.

The hero in the “Things Fall Apart” epic movie, Pete will be a major thorn on the flesh of Yul. With his strong faith and dedication to Catholism that does not tolerate polygamy, he will never recognize Yul’s new wife as part of his family. Also, as expected, the relationship between him and his son will no longer be cordial , at least for now.

Already, Pete has reportedly openly distanced himself from Yul’s polygamous life and even banished the said second wife, together with her son.

” I am not shocked that he has a son without my knowledge.

“A child that doesn’t listen to his father end up cutting his or her life span short.

” I want the whole world and Nigerians to understand that as an Igbo man, I never support my son actions and as a statesman,I only recognised his first wife as the only authenticated wife of my son,the rest is banished from entering my household”, Pete declared.

  1. 2. Excommunication by the church. There is no place for polygamy in Catholic church where Yul is born into. As a man with two wives, Yul will be excommunicated by the church , and this includes banning him from receiving holy communion. It will also disqualify him from certain rights in the church like the Ezinna/Nnaoha Award, Knighthood or taking key leadership positions.

This stand of Catholic Church on polygamy is biblical and traceable to Jesus him. “If the husband was widowed and then remarried, or if he married but the first union was annulled, then there is absolutely no problem about him and his second wife receiving Holy Communion in the Catholic Church”, said a Christian writer.

“If however the second marriage is invalid in some way, because the man’s first spouse is still alive and there has been no annulment, then the couple should not receive Holy Communion.

  1. 3. More marital problems. May, the first wife of Yul, will for sure not accept a co-wife without a fight. She has four grown children with her husband, the first that is above 18 years old is already an undergraduate. Marrying her husband at such a very tender age, it is understandable if May refuses not to accept a co-wife wife at this critical stage of her marital life.

Already, she has frantically expressed her anger over the whole matter saying that, “only God will judge you both”.

  1. 4. His house may turn into a war zone. It is difficult for women to tolerate themselves, not even when they are co-wives. Yul’s first and second wives may be at war with each other, except by divine intervention.
  2. 5. His inheritance will she shared between his two wives. No matter how rich the wives may be, they will still be interested in inheriting the properties of their husbands, being the women that they are. So, Yul should be ready to divide his properties among his wives and children
  3. 6. His spiritual life will go down. As he will be prohibited from full participation in religious activities including receiving holy communion, Yul will not find it easy maintaining a sound spiritual life; he may wander farther away from the things of God and may even end up becoming a full blown traditionalist. May God help him

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