May Is Still Yul Edochie’s Favourite Wife

Yul between his two wives

Famous actor, Yul Edochie may have taken a new wife,but his first wife, May Yul-Edochie is still the favoured one.

Amidst growing criticisms on him impregnating another woman and going ahead to marry her, Yul has taken to his official Facebook Page to announce that May remains number one in his life.

The superstar shocked the public when he confirmed that he actually has a baby boy with a fellow movie star,Judith Austin Moghalu, whom he called his “second wife”.

“Its time for the world to meet my son. His name is Star Dike Munachimso Yul-Edochie

“Born by my second wife @judyaustin1”, Yul wrote on Facebook.

“And I love him so much,just as much as I love my other children”, he added.

This declaration finally rests the case about the actor putting another woman in family way.

When it was rumoured that Yul Edochie had gotten someone pregnant outside wedlock, so many people brushed it aside, saying the actor could not have put another woman in family way when he was already married with grown children. Also considering the commitment of his famous father, Pete,to the Catholic church that believes so much in the doctrine of one-man,one-wife, many concluded that it would be difficult for Yul to take another woman.

However, the fact that the actor kept quite over the whole matter, was a clue that they was an element of truth in the rumour.

Meanwhile, May appears not be taking the matter lightly as she has been quoted as saying that ,”May God judge you both”.

May has four grown children with Yul; the first who is above 18 is already in the university

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