“Here is not here; for He is risen. Matthew 28:6

Christ’s empty tomb fills us with hope. Out of that worst day, out of that noontime darkness on that Jerusalem hillside has come the only true hope of mankind. That was the day He took the nails for us, carried our sorrows, our iniquities was upon Him. He is not in our man made images or human doctrines. He is not in our vain worship we should realize.
Perhaps this life has not been as you would want? May be you face a host of unpleasant life situations that brings you sadness and despair? Remember the resurrected Savior.

Beloved of God, I pray that we would continually turn our attention to Jesus Christ.
May we reason together by evaluating what happened on Calvary’s tree and how He conquered son and death by His resurrection, for there lies the Salvation we all seek.
May we live and reign forever with Him through this sacrifice.
May we often bear this in mind that He lives in our hearts and as you open them to Him, He will come in once again and dwell in you and you in Him. There He truly is. Amen
Happy resurrection.

Good morning
Have a blessed Galilee Monday experience

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