APC National Director Voters Education Advises Adult Nigerians To Get Their PVCs And Vote In 2023 Elections

.Says “Your Vote Is Your Right”

Hon. Omoye Ikero

Nigerians who do not already have the Permanent Voter Card (PVC) should endeavour to get one to be able to exercise their voting right and elect candidates of their choice in next year’s general election.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) National Director, Voters Education Hon. Omoye Ikero gave the charge in a release.

Hon. Ikero observed with displeasure that so many people are engaging in heated political argument on social media,yet are not in possession of PVC that qualifies them to vote and effect the change that they speak about.

She said it is high time people came to terms with the fact that their vote is their right and power to influence governance, and that exercise of that right is only possible when one has the PVC.

According to Ikero “There is no polling unit on social media!!!

Please go and get your PVC; your vote is your right”, she said. Omoye an educationist from Edo State, South South Zone had in her acceptance speech as appointment into her present post
vowed to work assiduously in encouraging Nigerians to get ready their PVCs, and come out to cast their votes on the days of election, and through that address the problem of Voter apathy among Nigerian electorate.

“My plan is to encourage all school owners and teachers to get their PVCs ahead of 2023 election, not only in 2023 election, even in all other elections. Its not a must that you must be a politician before casting your vote.

“Your vote is your right. Every educationists ,every teacher in private sector, both men and women, proprietors and proprietresses, I will want to encourage them. I will ensure that our people come out and cast their votes for the candidates of their choice, because our votes will determine the next president of Nigeria.

“Its not staying at home, watching television on the day of election and at the end of the election, you start complaining. This time, in this forthcoming election, with our PVCs in our hands, we have to cast the votes to the right choice. And that will only be determined by the PVC in our hands”, she said.

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