“And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” 1 Kings 19:12

Prophet Elijah was a man like us. So declares the Bible. He was also in a mission to serve God in extraordinary ways. He had just defeated the worshipers of Baal in a supernatural showdown which left him drained. God brought Elijah to Mount Horeb, the same place He had appeared to Moses. God shook the mountains, but His presence was not in it. Elijah heard it and went out covering his face to meet God.

Beloved of God, we are all on a mission to achieve something for our Maker and we pray to listen to that silent whispers.
We need His gentle whisper from time to time.
May God reveal more about who He is and His power in our lives today.
May the power that worked in the life of Elijah work also to help us today as we confront our our “Baals” and “Ahabs.”
May we not grow weary in following God. Amen

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