Publisher Buzzministry Loses Mum

Ezinne Esther Ejigimato Onoh (Nee Mgbeke Imuoh Ugoh)

This is not the best of time for the Publisher , Buzzministry Multi-Media Evang. Innocent Onoh following the passing-away of his beloved Mother, Princess Ezinne Esther Ejigimato Onoh.

Ezinne Esther died peacefully on the 4th of January, 2022 in what has been described as the “glorious transition of a saint”.

A Couple of days before, she  participated actively in an Annual Celebration by her compound, Obichie in Arochukwu Kingdom; and had boldly told people within her close circle that she was going to enjoy the fullness of the event as she won’t live to witness the next one. At the occasion, Ezinne danced like never before and was awarded as the best dancer.

Ezinne Esther At Obichie Day on December 25

Thereafter, she asked her children to join her in offering thanksgiving to God, which was held amidst a memorable Holy Mass at SS Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Ugwuakuma, Village, Arochukwu.

That Thanksgiving Mass was her last outing as she slept in the Lord shortly afterwards.

A devout Catholic, Ezinne Esther till death was a shining example of “a true and practicing Christian”. She belonged to several pious societies in the Catholic church including Welcoming Ministry, CBIU, CWO and even Choir at some point; and was highly dedicated in all.

Her Ezinne Award Ceremony at Marthar Dei Catholic Cathedral, Umuahia translated into a carnival-like scene as lots of people who were pleased by her way of life came from far and near to grace the occasion.

She had been previously awarded by her village as an “exemplary wife and mother” in an effort by the then town leadership to promote healthy marriages and contain disturbing marital issues.

Known popularly as “Ezinnye Mazi, Late Mrs. Esther Ejigimato Onoh was a virtuous woman in all ramifications and as her children knew her while alive, “Ezinne like no other”.

According to a statement signed by the Head of the family, Comrade Boniface Onoh, her  funeral rites hold on the 19 and 20 of April, 2022.

She is survived by six children and relatives too many to mention.

Truly Ezinne Esther Onoh came, saw and conquered. To God be the glory.

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