Don’t Kill Yourself Over People’s Display Of Affluence On Social Media; Most Of Them Are Lies—Actor Joseph Benjamin

Joseph Benjamin

If you ever think that all the beautiful pictures people share on social media and their display of affluent lifestyle is real and as such you conclude the world has left you behind, you need to have rethink.

Popular Nollywood Actor, Joseph Benjamin has advised social media users not to allow themselves get unnecessarily disturbed by a lot of things people post on social media, as they are usually fake.

Benjamin said people are fond of sharing only the bright side of life to create impression that all is going on well with them, while in reality they might be going through a lot.

He advised that people should learn to value and believe in themselves, appreciate the little progress they have made and worry less about others’ achievements ,in order to be happy.

Joseph Benjamin in a Facebook post said “Social Media will give you a false perception about how other people are really living. All you see is the good stuff. The partying, the traveling, the success, but all the pain and struggle remain uncaptured.

“Don’t let thesw pictures deceive you into thinking everyone’s living it and that you are way behind! Real life occurs behind all the cropping and filters”, he added

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