CBN Governor’s Presidency Hits Up The Polity

For a very long time now, T-shirts, Umbrellas, vehicles and other items bearing the picture of the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele as Presidential aspirant in coming general election, have flooded parts of the country including Lagos and Abuja. In Lagos, his campaign posters are all over the place.

Whether Mr. Emefiele is the one engineering this or some persons or groups are behind it for whatever reason and he is not aware, is a story for another day.

Whatever be the case, his campaign for the post of the President of the country is hitting up the polity. While he has every right to contest for any elective position, the concern of people is that still serving as CBN governor, he should not be openly campaigning.

Online users are using this point against him as they trend materials on his presidential campaign.

Among the commenters is Dr. Sam Amadi who has asked him to resign as CBN governor or stop campaigning.

He said “The manner of the political campaign for Godwin Emefiele ,a sitting Governor of the Central Bank , is disgracefully, scandalously and close to illegal , considering the presumed neutrality of the bank.

“He can aspire to he President. But if he funds or approves open campaign, he should resign”, he added.

On his part, Ike Uche said,

“Emefiele should be forced to resign immediately. This is the highest form of impunity. No wonder naira is in this mess”.

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